The Morningwalk or Eveningwalk is not going to be sure either, especially the Kolkata Police

#Kolkata: Emphasis should be placed on the safety of those who do Morningwalk or Eveningwalk in Kolkata Kolkata Police Commissioner Somen Mitra has issued an order in connection with the robbery The monthly crime virtual meeting on Saturday was a meeting of the OCs and senior officers of all police stations with the Kolkata Police Commissioner. In that meeting, the Commissioner of Police gave instructions on some important issues Ordinary people can walk in peace during Morning Walk and Evening Walk Police surveillance should be increased So that no robbery happens Extra caution after the snatching of the ground

Informed quarters think that this is an indication of extra surveillance due to the snatching incident on the ground. Illegal call centers have been ordered to be kept under surveillance due to the party incident at Park Hotel. Because young boys and girls are coming to night clubs with huge amount of money from that illegal call center Foreign money is being involved Young boys and girls are involved These issues need to be kept under close scrutiny as they become international issues More and more surveillance in all hotels in Kolkata Who is renting when, details should be kept People who come from outside a lot of times in case of bank fraud, are also seen in many other cases renting hotels or houses here. So every police station has to take care of who is coming and when

In the event of a special religious ceremony coming up, it is important to make sure that there is no overcrowding during the extramarital affair. The Kolkata Police Commissioner directed to file a case under the DM Act against those who do not wear masks on the streets. The general public has been instructed to raise awareness to prevent cyber crime and online fraud The general public should be careful not to fall prey to online scams. Mask distribution should be done more. Old cases cannot be left for long The case has to be settled quickly Malkhana things, keep the canteen clean, keep the barracks clean. All in all, the monthly crime virtual meeting on Saturday advised each police station to be extra vigilant on the latest issues. ARPITA HAZRA

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