Youth found dead after birthday party in Friends house in Golf Green | The young man who came to his own birthday party and died of ‘poisoning’? Friend arrested in incident …– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The death of a young man from Sonarpur has caused a stir in Golfgreen. The body of the young man was recovered in the morning after partying all night on his birthday. The incident caused a stir in Golf Green. After rescuing the young man in a frozen state, he was taken to Baghayatin State General Hospital where doctors declared him dead. According to the family of the deceased Riktesh Modak, the boy was killed and his friend Kaushik Mandal was involved. Golfgreen police have arrested Kaushik on the basis of the allegations.

On the 15th, Riktesh Modak, a 19-year-old resident of Sonarpur, went to Golfgreen to attend his own birthday party at a friend’s house called Kaushik Mandal. He ate there all night and did not return home on the 18th after the commotion. Then in the morning when he went to call Riktesh, Kaushik called his mother without getting any response. Mother also came and repeatedly called Riktesh. But there was no response. They then took Riktesh to Baghayatin State General Hospital. But doctors pronounced him dead.

Kaushik’s family then contacted the people of Riktesh’s house. All are informed to them. Riktesh’s mother and grandfather went to the hospital and brought the boy’s body. Riktesh’s mother also blamed her friend Kaushik for her son’s death. According to police sources, there are no signs of injuries on Riktesh’s body from outside. However, there was evidence that he was bleeding from his nose. Samples of food cooked at Kaushik’s house were collected. An autopsy later revealed that the young man had died of poisoning. Riktesh’s family then filed a case under Section 304, i.e. involuntary manslaughter. After that the police arrested Kaushik. An investigation is underway.

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