Kolkata Kumortuli sends biggest Durga Idol to San Francisco | Must ‘sanitizer bath’! On the way from Kumortuli to San Francisco, ‘the biggest’ Durga ‘…– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The Durga Pujo Festival has been in full swing since 2020 due to Coronavirus Situation. It is a recurrence of the Kovid rule, and the corona’s wrath draws people to it. Officials are having a hard time going to perform pujo in all directions. In the country and abroad, so many rules have changed in the organization of the mother’s worship. Added a set of prohibitions (Covid-19 Protocol). The last time the height of the Durga idol (Durga Idol) sent abroad was reduced in Corona. Statues of 6 to 8 and a half feet were seen in most places. But this time the ‘biggest’ Durga idol has been made in that corona atmosphere. The boxed statue left for faraway San Francisco.

This ‘biggest’ Durga idol (Durga Idol) made in Kumartuli, which is on its way abroad, is about 10 feet high and 20 feet wide. According to the sculptors of Kumartuli, idols usually four to six feet high from the city go abroad. Sometimes even an eight-foot fort has gone. But the 10-foot idol is not usually seen going so far as to be boxed. The mother figure of the fiber made by artist Kaushik Basu left for America on Sunday. Go to San Francisco, California.

Kaushik spells idols every year mainly for expatriates. According to the artist, this idol is also being sanitized and sent abroad in compliance with COVID-19 rules. He said, “Every time orders come from England, Dubai, Italy, Singapore. This time too. Several have also left. But this is the biggest Durga idol. ” If you look at the San Francisco idol of fiber made by him, there is no way to understand that this mother is not Mrinmayi! The slope of elegance across the face. Jewelry, sari. Crown on the head. The well-known ‘ten-armed woman’ with ten weapons in ten hands.

About 15 idols made by Kaushik Babu are going abroad this time. The San Francisco-bound 10-foot statue costs four and a half million rupees. The artist said, this time the price of the idol is a little higher than other years. Because now there are various problems in sending Tagore abroad by ship. Increased rules. The strictures of the Kovidvidhi. According to the artists of Kumartuli, although not like other times, on the day of Rath, several baroari pujo committees came and paid homage to Thakur. Pujo has also received orders for most of the city’s basic houses. But in the meantime, the assistant artists are raising their thoughts. Every year ‘Helping Hands’ from different districts, different parts of rural Bengal come to Patuapara to help. But because of Corona this year, many of them no longer want to be Kolkata-faced. So a little cloud of thought is thickening in the sky of Kumartuli.

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