Mamata Banerjee | 21 July | Mamata Banerjee to lead Ekushey’s victory

#Kolkata: The passion of 21 is immense to the grassroots leaders and workers. And this time with him is going to win 21, which the whole of India has seen. Last time and in the Covid situation, July 21 became virtual, from where Mamata Banerjee started preparing for the 21st Assembly elections. He gave confidence to the team, they will win. The brigade was supposed to do 21 this time if it wins, but there is no way to implement it. In Covid’s situation, the rally will be virtual again. The leader will speak at 2pm, which will be seen online everywhere. It is believed that this time the leader will show the way to win Delhi in 2024 along the road to victory in 2021.

Trinamool insider news, this time the leader will call for Delhi. The grassroots will have to expand its power outside Bengal if it wants to take the road to Delhi. July 21 is also being celebrated in other states. The presence is being felt every day. In this atmosphere, how and where to do in the future, it is thought that he will show the way.

Observers agree that winning means more responsibility. Observers think that the Trinamool Party has been working with many more responsibilities for the last two months and the next day the party leader will give the message that the work will be carried out by the people from the municipality to the panchayat.

The political circles will be watching to know what mantra Mamata Banerjee has given in the coming days to influence the eastern and northeastern states of the country and to be by the side of more and more people.

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