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#Kolkata: About 13 years ago. Due to the Singur movement, the political landscape of Bengal changed that day. The industrial group Tatara left Bengal. After that incident in 2006-07, changes came in the state in 2011. Ten years have passed since that change. Finally, the Trinamool government again called on Tatas to invest in Bengal. After Trinamool came to power for the third time, Perth Chatterjee is trying to bring Tata back to the state. In an interview with PTI, Perth opened up about this. “There was no fight against the Tata group,” he said. Welcome to Bengal. ”

Perth Chatterjee told PTI, “We had no animosity with the Tata group. We never fought against them. They are one of the fastest growing industrial groups in the world and in India. They cannot be blamed. ” He added, “Our problem was with the policy of land acquisition by forcing the left. We always welcome the Tata Group to invest in the state. ” The political circles think that such remarks of the Industries Minister are significant enough.

Incidentally, Ratan Tata Industrial Group wanted to build a nano car factory in Singur. The people of the area roared against the land acquisition policy of the then Left government. The then Leader of the Opposition Mamata Banerjee led the movement to save the land. Due to the movement, the Tatars finally left Bengal and migrated to Gujarat. Mixed reactions were seen across the country. Later, Tatara happily built the factory. 13 years have passed since then. Mamata Banerjee has left the Leader of the Opposition’s chair and become the Chief Minister. Despite the development of the state, the opposition has always harassed the Chief Minister over industrial investment in Bengal. The Trinamool government has insisted on investing in the state to dispel that notoriety. The state government has claimed that industries are being set up in different parts of the state. In such a situation, informed sources think that the remarks of the state industry minister welcoming Tata are very significant.

It is to be noted that Tata once left Bengal for Gujarat due to Mamata Banerjee’s land movement. Later, leaders like Mukul Roy, Mamata’s all-time ally in the land movement, were later heard to say, ‘The Singur movement was wrong’. But this time Mamata Banerjee’s government has come down to correct that mistake?

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