21 July | Tomorrow the grassroots martyr Tarpan || The way July 21 is being observed this time

#Kolkata: Tomorrow is July 21. The Shahid Tarpan ceremony on July 21 is entering its 26th year. After coming to power for the third time in the state, interest has been created in the political arena with July 21 this year. Due to the Corona situation, the assembly is virtual. However, the virtual assembly has created a lot of interest in this state as well as in other states.

July 21 observance program in the state –

Mamata Banerjee will speak at Kalighat by 2 pm. Abhishek Bandopadhyay, Subrata Bokshi, Perth Chatterjee will be there. Other leaders in the first row will be present. Meetings will be held at a central location in each assembly constituency. There will be a stage 6 There will be leaders including MLAs and councilors. There will be a giant screen. There will be a rally from one in the afternoon. MLAs or important leaders will speak.

Mamata Banerjee’s speech will be shown and heard live from 2 pm. MLAs and other leaders have been asked to be present there. The first row leaders of the party will be present there by 12 noon. The first row leaders will be present in the garden on 21st July. Giant screens are being set up in several places including Shyambazar, Girish Park, Laketown, Park Street, Esplanade, Chetla, Tollygunge, Hazra.

In the celebration of 21st July, Kolkata is in the state of Ace Vin

In the state of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, Mirzapur, Benares, Azamgarh, Bareilly will be celebrated on July 21. Candles will be lit to pay homage. The speech will be heard sitting in the party office. Opposition leaders are being invited. A bicycle rally will be held in Agartala in the morning in Tripura state. Organizing giant screens in a total of 32 districts in Gujarat. The speech will be heard there. Martyr’s Day will be celebrated at the Constitution Club in Delhi. MPs will be present. Speak for yourself. Mamata Banerjee’s speech will be heard on Giant Screen at 2 pm. Leaders of the BJP opposition have been invited. The celebrations will be held in Guwahati and Silchar in Assam on July 21. Basically, the speech will be heard. Besides, it is going to be celebrated in Bihar and Jharkhand on July 21.

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