A traffic police helped elderly man to find his home Bibadibag to Pandua! Real life ‘Dabang’ returned the old man home after spending a lot of money – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Headquarters Traffic Guard Sergeant Tuhin Roychowdhury was on duty at the disputed bag around 10 am on Saturday. An old man was sitting on the sidewalk a little away from him in the midst of thousands of activities. Seeing his face, Sergeant Tuhin Roy Chowdhury thought that the old man was hungry, staring blankly from side to side, as if he was a lost, helpless man.

Tuhin asked at a glance and found out that the old man had not really eaten for a long time. Without wasting time, Tuhin arranged for water and food with his own money. Although the man was surprised to see Kandkarkhana at first, Tuhin assured him. After eating some food, the gentleman said that his name is Madhab Mandal, age 60, his house is in Pandua of Hughli district.

Sergeant Tuhin Roy Chowdhury Sergeant Tuhin Roy Chowdhury

As soon as he got the news, Tuhin immediately sent it to the headquarters guard, from where the news went to the Hair Street police station. Sub-Inspector Shekhar Sarkar came to the spot from the police station and took Madhabbabu with him. By that time, the old man has become a bit restless, saying that he has four sons, but he cannot remember the names and addresses of any of them. Can’t even remember how he came to Calcutta from Pandua.

Shekhar Sarkar Shekhar Sarkar

Just hearing the name of the district, Ashok Hansada, a resident of Pandua and a civic volunteer of the Headquarters Guard, started doing a lot of research. After some time, he said, Madhabbabu’s house is in Talbana village. The Pandua police station also confirmed that the village falls in their area. But seeing no way to contact Madhabbabu’s family, Shekhar finally decided to rent a car and take him home. Shekhar and Tuhin, two police officers, rented the car.

Ashok Hansda and Ajay Belda, two civic volunteers, along with Hair Street Police Constable Manotosh Das took charge of taking Madhabbabu to Pandua. Reaching home with the help of Pandua police station, the eighty-year-old man could not hold back his tears till the end. And in those tears was an unspoken gratitude that might inspire Tuhin and Shekhar for a long time to come. It will encourage many more Madhav Babus to find their way back home.

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