BJP MP back in social media posted in twitter after 12 days silence | After 12 days of silence, Babul is popular on social media! Who gave the message for? – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Former Union Minister Babul Supriya finally opened his mouth amid speculation surrounding his disappearance. Ellen Asansol MP came out publicly again through social media. Babul Supriyo has twice won a BJP ticket from Asansol and became a Union Minister twice. But not once did he taste full ministry. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dropped two Union Ministers of State, Babul Supriya and Debashree Chowdhury, in the new cabinet during the expansion and reshuffle of his cabinet.

Ever since he left the Union Ministry, there has been a lot of speculation about Babul Supriya in state politics. One of the reasons was one Facebook post after another of Babul. So that the BJP MP is practically lost after losing the ministry. Meanwhile, Babul Supriya started following former BJP leader Mukul Roy and the Trinamool from his official Twitter account. Babul Supriya’s work caused a stir in the state politics.

After that, the BJP MP from Asansol could not be seen on social media for some time. After a 12-day break on Tuesday, Babul Supriya once again posted on Twitter. This time his message is directly to the people of Asansol. “Due to unavoidable circumstances in the Corona situation, work on the MPLAD fund is set to resume after a year of closure,” Babul said in a Twitter post. At the same time, he said, Babul Supriya has sanctioned works worth Tk 3.8 million from his MP fund in different areas of Asansol.

Earlier, in his last political post, Babul Supriya wrote, ‘There is a lot of speculation about me. Someone is using rude language towards me, while someone is trolling me. I beg you, do not judge me by speculation and gossip. You will judge me by what I have done. ‘ However, forgetting his pride, Babul is returning to work again.

According to sources, Babul Supriya and Debashree Chowdhury may be given big responsibilities in the BJP in the coming days even if they are removed from the cabinet. Since there has been no reshuffle in the Bengal BJP, they have not been given any responsibility yet. But is the BJP MP returning to the old rhythm after receiving that assurance? Time to answer.

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