CID investigates death of ex-guard of Shuvendu, records of statements of three policemen

#Kolkata: In the wake of the mysterious death of Shuvendu Adhikari’s bodyguard Shubhbrata Chakraborty, the then IC Sunayan Basu of the then Kanthi police station and two then security guards were summoned to Bhabani Bhavan. The three were interrogated for about eight and a half hours. According to CID sources, there is a possibility of summoning them again and interrogating them It is learned that three people were interrogated face to face Investigators will look into the inconsistencies in the statements of the three people

The statements of three officers have been recorded Among the two security guards at the time were Sushant Yash, the current ASI of the Tamluk police line, and Pinaki Ghosh, the former security guard of Shuvendu, who is now a constable of the Tamluk police line. According to CID sources, the three officers were interrogated at Bhabani Bhavan on Tuesday However, the then IC of Kanthi was summoned to Bhabani Bhavan for questioning for the first time. The CID had earlier interrogated the ASI and the constable This time they were summoned to Bhabani Bhaban

According to CID sources, the then IC of Kanthi was questioned and asked, what situation did he see as the IC after Shubhbrata Chakraborty was shot on October 13, 2016? Were any notes or written documents recovered from the scene? The police officer was also asked what he had confiscated from the scene as an IC. Investigators also want to know who or what informed the police at that time. Who came to the scene? When was the family of the deceased informed?

Investigators also want the three to know why the ambulance was delayed On the other hand, the CID interrogated the two security guards who took Shubhbrat to the hospital with gunshot wounds. According to CID sources, two of Shubhbrat’s colleagues at the time were asked when they took Shubhbrat to the hospital in a bullet-riddled condition on the day of the incident. When do they hear the sound of gunfire? When do you hear screams? Investigators also questioned how long it would take to be taken to a local hospital Investigators also want an answer to the question of when it was decided to bring Shubhbrata from the district hospital to a private hospital in Kolkata.

Incidentally, Shubhbrata Chakraborty, a former security guard of Shuvendu Adhikari, was shot dead on October 13, 2016. The next day, he died on October 14 in a private hospital near the bypass in Kolkata. The deceased’s wife lodged a complaint at Kanthi police station on July 8 Police have registered a case under Section 302 for murder and Section 120B for criminal conspiracy. CID Homicide Branch officials are investigating the murder case.

In the meantime, the CID team has visited the residence of Shuvendu Adhikari in Kanthi more than once at the spot where the security guards are staying opposite Shantikunj. CID recovers the incident CID officials even questioned the doctors at the hospital


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