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#Kolkata: Jha shiny new office 7 Not only the office, but also the appearance of Trinamool mouthpiece Jago Bangla is changing radically Tomorrow, Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee will inaugurate the new office of Jago Bangla on July 21. In a few days, Jago Bangla’s office 7 will be up in this new office

Until now, the work of publishing Jago Bangla has been going on from the old office in central Calcutta A new office is also being set up at an address in central Kolkata

Not only office change, but also the look of Jago Bangla is changing radically Until now, political news was mainly in the mouthpiece of the Trinamool Besides, the writings of party leaders on various issues were also published Various developmental works of the state government were also promoted in the party mouthpiece

According to Trinamool sources, Jago Bangla will now have news and information on various topics like entertainment, sports, culture, travel as well as politics to reach more readers. The 7th edition of Jago Bangla will also be published

At present, the work of Jago Bangla is going on from the camp office The office will be shifted to the new office in a few days After the party’s landslide victory in the Assembly elections, work has begun to renovate the Trinamool headquarters. At the same time, the Trinamool leadership insisted on changing the form of the party’s mouthpiece

For so long, the readers of Jago Bangla were mostly grassroots activists and supporters This time, Jago Bangla is being sorted out to deliver the party mouthpiece outside this circle So that Jago Bangla can take place not only in the newspaper stands or grassroots party offices, but also in the minds of the people.

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