Nishith Citizenship Issue: Nishith Pramanik is more vocal on the issue of citizenship! This time the Trinamool demanded a high level investigation …

#Kolkata: Nisith Pramanik’s citizenship issue is a hot topic in state politics. However, not only in the state, but also in the parliament, the Trinamool Congress is vocal on the issue. In the words of Trinamool Congress’ Kunal Ghosh, “Any allegation can be made against anyone. Allegation does not mean that he is guilty. However, we demand that a serious inquiry be held into the serious allegations against Nisith Pramanik. “Or Nishith Pramanik should be kept out of the cabinet until the investigation is over.” Kunal Ghosh thinks it is reasonable to keep the accused out of the cabinet on the question of security of the country.

The Trinamool Congress was vocal on the first day of Parliament on the issue of citizenship of Nisith Pramanik. Trinamool MP Sukhendushekhar Roy addressed the Rajya Sabha today, alleging that Union Home Minister Nishith Pramanik was a Bangladeshi national. After that the meeting started and the commotion started The Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman 7 was compelled to adjourn the session as it is today

A Congress MP from Assam has already written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to check the citizenship of the state minister for home affairs and MPs from Kochbihar. On the same day, Sukhendushekhar Roy directly accused Nishith Pramanik of being a Bangladeshi citizen in the Rajya Sabha. The commotion in the Rajya Sabha started immediately Sukhendushekhar Roy said, “State Minister for Home Affairs Nishith Pramanik is being heard as a citizen of Bangladesh.”

BJP MPs strongly opposed the statement of the Trinamool MP The deputy chairman of the Rajya Sabha also did not allow Sukhendushekhar Roy to speak on the issue The BJP leader in the Rajya Sabha countered that the allegation of Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goel Nishith’s citizenship was baseless. He demanded that the statement of the Trinamool MP be removed from the minutes of the session All in all, the Trinamool Congress has launched an all-out attack on the Nishith issue. It is clear from the leadership that the ruling party of the state will raise its voice in the coming days with the citizenship of Nishith Pramanik.

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