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#Kolkata: Research is done on behalf of the team throughout the year. But this is a day to meet sister, story, reminiscence. In the Covid situation, there are two intersections! The Roy family of Banerjee Para in Baranagar is not in a good mood.

More than two and a half decades have passed in the middle. However, they can not forget July 21, 1993! One of the thirteen martyrs was Bishwanath Roy’s wife Mitali Roy, son Rajib Roy and his family. Every time July 21 comes, so the black cloud of depression comes to the corner of the mind. Still, there was so much sincerity in him in meeting and talking with his sister.

The morning of July 21 means going to the house of Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee. From there he left for Shahid Mancha with his dear sister. Now nothing is happening in that cowardly situation! The family of Bishwanath Roy, one of the 13 martyrs of the 1993 Mahakaran campaign, is being driven away by the pain of not seeing another loved one on the day of losing a loved one.

Didi, however, did not fail in her duty. On Monday, Trinamool MP Dola Sen came home and met him. Mamata Banerjee has conveyed the message to Bishwanath Roy’s family. Like other times, this time too, a sari, blue and white sash for Bishwanath Roy’s wife has arrived at his house in Banerjee Para, Baranagar. Chief Administrator of Baranagar Municipality Aparna Moulik and Local Ward Coordinator Anindya Chowdhury came home and took the information.

Mitali Devi was saying, ‘Mamta Didi is all of us. If I didn’t have a sister, when would I have floated with Cole’s child! After 1993, Mamata took over the responsibility of the whole family. Kovid’s mother will not be seen this time, it feels bad to think about it. ‘

What if not seen! Mamata Banerjee has sent a signed letter to Mitali Devi. The Chief Minister has expressed regret over the fact that the 21st of July has been made virtual in the Covid situation. At the same time, he said, if everything is normal again next year, Ekushey July will be celebrated in a familiar mood. And of course we will meet the martyr’s family as before, the martyr will be remembered!


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