passenger entering Kolkata must have two vaccine doses or RTPCR report Nabannera big decision! This condition must be fulfilled to enter Kolkata by air …– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The state government (West Bengal Govt) took another big step to make Kolkata covid-free. The state Home Ministry has made it mandatory to take two doses of Corona Ticker when entering the city by air. From now on, two doses of the vaccine must be taken to land at Kolkata Airport by air. Only then will you be allowed to enter the city. State Home Secretary BP Gopalika said this in a letter to the Ministry of Civil Aviation. The letter said that the directive was being implemented immediately.

On the other hand, if someone has taken a dose of the corona vaccine, or has not taken any dose of the vaccine, they also have access to it. In that case, the passenger has to keep the RTPCR negative report at least 72 hours before the flight. In a letter to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the state Home Secretary said that the whole country is in danger of a third wave. And just then the experts think that this guideline of the state is very important.

Airports have played a big role in the outbreak of the Corona outbreak since the beginning of the first and second waves. The central government also shut down international flights for a long time. It’s okay to start again, but the journey is still not the same as before. This time the third wave has started rolling its eyes all over the world. No government wants to take the slightest risk with the third wave as the second wave has put its hand on the whole country. That is why this guideline was issued earlier at a time when the graph of infection is downward.

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