Shatarup Ghosh | Mascara with the result of Madhyamik, the centenary of Trolled CPM in Netdunia

#Kolkata: Wanted to troll. This time CPM leader Shatrup Ghosh became a troll himself. Secondary examination results in the background. This time 69 people have won the first place in Madhyami. That means they each got 696 marks. CPM leader Shatarup wrote a short comment on Facebook mocking this issue. He wrote, 69 models of shadow publications together. As soon as he was posted, he started attacking Shatarup. All in all, Shatarup’s post became ridiculous. Many also requested Satrup to pick up the post.

One person wrote at the bottom of this Facebook post that this year the failure rate is equal to the number of your MLAs. Needless to say, since the medium was not tested this time, no one was made a Fellow. That means the number of fail is zero. Net Para has combined this zero with the left’s zero in the assembly.

According to the political circles, Shatrup wanted to question the evaluation system. Even before this, the left leaders have opened their mouths many times about the cancellation of the examination. But none of them had to be trolled like this time. Note that Shatrup himself was a candidate for the assembly polls. He was fighting from Kasba Kendra. This time he has scored a hat trick. That topic also came up in this post. All in all, Shatarupa is in trouble.

In this context, let me tell you once, how was the evaluation of the secondary?

Medium will be given marks on the basis of ninth and tenth marks. Suppose an examinee gets 90 out of 100 in the ninth class annual examination in Bengal. Half of these 90s i.e. 45 will be taken at the time of assessment. However, there is a special formula in that case too. Suppose, in the internal evaluation of the tenth, the examinee got ten out of ten in Bengali. In that case, the number obtained will be multiplied by 5. That is 50. According to the assessment, the marks obtained in Bengali of this examinee in the ninth and tenth classes are 95.

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