Sovabazar Rajbari: Worship the structure of Durgotsab at Sobabazar Rajbari on the contrary, the 231-year-old tradition is coming to an end

Kolkata: On Monday, the reverse chariot was held on the small side of Sobabazar Rajbari. At the same time, the ancient ritual of structure worship of Durgotsab is celebrated In addition to the traditional tradition, all the Kovidabidhi 7 are celebrated in the family reunion

The younger side of the Shobhabazar royal family is the descendants of Raja Navakrishna Dev’s own son Raja Rajkrishna Dev. At the end of his life, King Navakrishna became the father of a son The boy was named Rajkrishna 7 Earlier, his eldest son Gopimohan was adopted by King Navakrishna That branch is known as ‘big side’ The structure of Durgotsab is worshiped in their branch on the date of the straight chariot procession

Alok Krishna Dev, a senior member of the younger party, said, “In our family, a bamboo is worshiped as a structure. Later the right foot of Goddess Durga was made of that bamboo This practice has been practiced since 1890. “

The fort festival started in 1890 on the small side of the palace of Shobhabazar. On the other hand, the pujo was started in 1857 AD According to the sect, which is considered to be the first fort festival of Calcutta

The family’s own chariot dates back to the reign of Maharaja Navakrishnadev On the day of the procession, the small chariot is decorated with flowers and garlands and the Narayana stone is placed on it along with the throne. Jagannath, Balarama and Subhadra do not live in the chariot of this ancient family Shalgram rock 8 exists as their symbol The members of this family were allowed to touch the Shalgram rock only on the day of the Rath Yatra every year. But for the corona virus, that practice has stopped since last year This year also, the members of the royal family were not allowed to touch the Shalgram rock

Last year, another thing happened at the pujo on the small side of the palace As a result, another ancient tradition, goat sacrifice, is being discontinued from this year In the words of Alakkrishna Deva, “Last year, there was an obstacle during the sacrifice So from this year, there will be no more goat sacrifice in the small side Durga Pujo. ”The practice of goat sacrifice in the larger side pujo has stopped many years ago. In addition, the practice of flying blue-throated birds on the tenth day of the family’s fort festival was stopped two decades ago due to a government ban.

According to popular belief, the blue-throated bird flew to Kailash and informed Mahadev that Uma was returning. Earlier, Umar announced his arrival at his own house on behalf of the goddess Under that thick cloud, a stick fell on the roof of the palace of Shobhabazar.

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