TMC 21 July preparation: Tram ride to the city on the occasion of 21 July

#Kolkata: Busyness is not at its peak. However, the busyness is maintained. Wednesday 21 July (TMC 21 July) 6 The appearance of the annual grassroots rally in Corona has changed. The rally will be served through virtual (Virtually 21 July Celebration). But it is said that political activists will not be interested! From July 21 onwards, various issues are coming to the fore in Kolkata city. Today, Tuesday, the tram ride was inaugurated by veteran Trinamool Congress leader and state agriculture minister Shobhandev Chatterjee. This tram ride was inaugurated from Nonapukur tram depot. There are various photo collages about July 21 across the tram. Even the events of July 21, 1993 are given in the form of pictures.

On the occasion of 21st July, however, Smriti Medur Shobhandev Chattopadhyay. However, he has adapted to the changing nature of the larger grassroots political meeting over time. However, in the words of Shobhandev Chattopadhyay, “The movement that Mamata Banerjee made was for everyone. She started the movement by saying that she would stand by the common man. Despite being persecuted, she did not leave the stage of struggle.

However, the 21st of July is busy in various important places of the state. Mancha is being constructed in several assembly constituencies of the state. Giant screen is being installed there. Due to the virtual assembly, it will be on the giant screen from July 21 this year. Accordingly, the screen is sitting in front of the bypass Trinamool building. The Trinamool building is being demolished to be rebuilt. Pillars being broken with JCB. But he will call for a new oath on July 21 Therefore, a stage has been set up in front of 36G Tapasia Road. There is a canopy hanging next to it. The stage is in Chetla. Mike is also being installed in the neighborhood of Firhad Hakim, the chairman of the Council of Ministers and Municipal Administrators. Giant screen check. Giant screens are available at various places including Girish Park, Taliganj, Hazra. As a result, the busyness is at its peak.

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