Transport Ministry: Who will go around with red and blue lights? Transportation department sent a list of ‘eligible’ to the police!

#Kolkata: Fake Officials with blue lights and red lights one after another are being found all over the state. Due to this, action has been taken by the West Bengal Transport Ministry. In recent times, it has been observed that a number of bogus government officials (Fake IAS / IPS) have been engaged in multiple scams using blue lights or red lights. Many of them have been caught. Arrests are still going on across the state. This time, therefore, the notification of 2014 was sent to the police again from the transport department and it was informed who can use red light or blue light in the car.

The re-sent list states what types of lights can be used in the vehicles of 19 types of office bearers starting from the Chief Minister. The decision was taken by the state transport department on June 19, 2014 on the instructions of the Supreme Court. Which was based on the directions of the Supreme Court. Originally, the transport department reminded the Kolkata police again by sending the guidelines seven years ago.

Incidentally, the state transport department has issued a notification regarding red light and blue light to control the use of red light as per the directions of the Supreme Court. According to the notification, the recipient of the Bharat Ratna will not be able to use the red light with flusher in the car of the state minister of state cabinet, deputy speaker of the assembly. However, they may have a red light on the head of the car The mayor’s car in Kolkata may also have a red light without a flusher

From the Advocate General to government secretaries, state police DGs and other police officials will no longer be allowed to use red lights in vehicles. Only the Chief Secretary’s car will have a red light The rest can use blue light 6 The list also includes Bharat Ratna recipients, district magistrates and police superintendents Emergency services such as fire, police, civil defense, natural disaster response vehicles will have red-blue-white three-color lights instead of just red lights. The Governor, the Chief Minister, the Chief Justice and Chief Justice of the High Court, the full Minister of State, the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and the Leader of the Opposition can use the red light with a flusher on the head of the vehicle.

The Calcutta High Court has sought information from the state government on how many vehicles in the state have been fitted with red lights and blue lights after the arrest of fake IAS Debanjan Deb in the fake vaccine case. In the hearing of the case related to the fake vaccine camp in Kasba, the state was questioned by the High Court. Not only that, the High Court also wants an account of how many cars have black glass instead of transparent glass.

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