WB Madhyamik Result 2021 LIVE Updates: Secondary Exam Results: 698

#Kolkata: This year’s Madhyamik Examination (Madhyamik Examination 2021) has been published. Corona did not have secondary examination 6 Therefore, 8 candidates have been evaluated in the alternative method As a result, the merit list was not published this time This year the pass rate is 100 percent, which is unprecedented The total number of students in the secondary examination this year was 10 lakh 79 thousand 649 people. This time 4 lakh 75 thousand 650 students and 6 lakh 13 thousand 749 female students. The highest number out of 600 is 696. Chairman of the Board of Secondary Education Kalyanmoy Gangopadhyay said. 69 people got this number. In other words, 69 people got the number 696 and got the first place This time the number of candidates was 10 lakh 69 thousand 649. They all passed. On the other hand, if the students do not like this result, then if the situation is normal, they will have the opportunity to take the test. Board President Kalyanmoy Gangopadhyay 7 informed In that case the number obtained in the examination will be considered final.

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The number of recipients of higher marks due to non-examination is about 10 lakh candidates in one jump. Which is being interpreted as unprecedented in secondary history. According to board sources, about 10 lakh candidates have got marks above 80% in Madhyamik Exam this year. Where 25 to 59 percent of the marks are below one lakh candidates. According to board sources, 42,655 candidates got marks between 90 and 100 percent in this year’s medium. 11906 candidates got marks out of 80 to 69 percent. 610559 candidates got marks between 80 to 69 percent. Looking at the statistics, it is understood that this time around one million candidates got marks above 80 percent in the medium.

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