21 July -TMC in UP || Mamata’s speech in Uttar Pradesh on July 21 at noon, another ‘shock’ in the afternoon

#Kolkata: Not only in Bengal but also in Uttar Pradesh, the celebration of 21st July is in full swing. According to sources, Trinamool party offices in 22 commissionerates of Uttar Pradesh have been renovated on the occasion of July 21 commemoration. Martyr’s Day celebrations are going on there. Mamata Banerjee’s virtual speech will be heard on the occasion of Martyr’s Day by pulling screens in several areas. Trinamool MP Sukhendu Shekhar Roy has already reached Uttar Pradesh.

There is another surprise this afternoon. Trinamool activists in the state will hold a procession at the crossroads of Lucknow to remember the victims of the oxygen shortage. The Trinamool wants to make Martyr’s Day more meaningful by keeping in mind the events like the oxygen deprivation deaths from the Hathras incident. The party also wants to give martyr status to the dead due to lack of oxygen. This activity is due to the fact that there is a lot of speculation in the political arena that Trinamool candidates can contest in the Assembly elections. Needless to say, the Trinamool’s alliance with the Samajwadi Party in particular will lead the Trinamool to enter the Yogi kingdom in the coming days.

Sukhendushekhar Roy is keeping away from the incarnation of voting theory. According to the veteran MP, our All India General Secretary (Abhishek Banerjee) has already said that our main goal is to expand the organization. I am going to start that work. That is why I came to Uttar Pradesh.

Political circles say that the Trinamool has never seen such a big activity outside the state on July 21. This picture is significant as the MP is leaving for another state to attend the 21st function. It would be wrong to think that this activity of the grassroots is only with Uttar Pradesh in front. Observers are only accepting the real goal 2024. Riding on that horse, the grassroots are now running around the state blowing dust and toggling. Wants mail to reach Delhi. In the ears of the current ruler.

Reporter- Abir Ghoshal.

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