21 July | TMC Shahid Diwas: 21 means a lifelong race of a black horse learning from the memory of martyrs

#Kolkata: Today is the 21st of July. All eyes are on the stage (TMC Shahid Diwas). Will Mamata talk about new targets today and set the main tone of 2024, this is where the political speculation culminates. The manner in which Mamata Banerjee is sitting in the masnad for the third time, shattering the BJP’s dream of winning 200 seats, has given the Trinamool confidence. So today is also unique to grassroots supporters.

Some say 21 means youth, some say 21 means the day of establishing one right. In the field of politics, whether it is Bengali or Delhi, those who have come to Masnad have inherited a lot of their seats or relationships. One can recall Jayalalithaa from Indira Gandhi. But at the time when Mamata Banerjee’s rise began in 1993, the student of Jogmaya Devi College in Kalighat started from scratch. No one in the family was in politics, no leader was affectionate. He did not come to the battlefield of politics with anything. Came only with the spirit of youth. With that spirit, today he is getting ready to ride a horse on the All India stage.

How was the fiery July 21, 1993. Let’s look back. Then Mamata Banerjee was the President of the Youth Congress. The Congress leader called for an illustrated voter card. Police opened fire during the operation. Thirteen people were shot dead.

The then government had said that the Trinamool supporters wanted to surround the Mahakaran from all sides. He fired to oppose the siege. Witnesses Madan Mitra, Subrata Bokshi, Jyotipriya Mallick and Shobhandev Chattopadhyay knew very well that the Trinamool leader could have died on that day. Yet he did not back down. Subrata Mukherjee further said, “He was always on the run. We used to take him in all the movements. So even today thousands of workers come every year to learn the mantra of youth from him.”

While Mamata Banerjee was leading the procession, Mamata Banerjee’s security guard raised her service revolver as there was a possibility of police firing. Then a lot of water flowed through the Ganges. However, the Trinamool never forgot the death of 13 people on that day. Martyr’s Day is like a mantra of remembrance and rejuvenation for the grassroots activists. This 21st of July has turned Mamata from a small sapling into a plant. Inspired by Ekushey, Mamata has got the courage to lead a big movement like Singur and Nandigram from the front. The party workers said that he means the spirit of not giving up. And the harvest of that labor came in 2011. The Chief Minister is Mamata.

Even then, however, the fighting did not stop. The fight continued. But the hardest battle he has to do is in 2020. Turning the whole of Bengal with broken legs, Mamata reminded every grassroots activist of the youth of Ekushey. And this time too, his aim is infallible. Three times, Mamata scored a hat trick. And the arrogant CPM of that day has been washed away from the assembly today. The BJP, which is playing 200 seats, has fallen a lot today. And the Trinamool leader herself is still like the young girl of Ekushey. His goal is much bigger this time. And maybe he will ride that horse with July 21 as a witness. Those who know Mamata know that she is actually a black horse. Blindfolded, steadfast in aim.

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