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#Kolkata: “Shall we not drink tea? Shall we not drink tea?” These two sentences went viral overnight with ‘Cha Kaku’ Mridul Dev. This famous ‘tea uncle’, a resident of South Kolkata, raised a question in his affectionate voice as the meaning of his name. And after that moment he became known to the whole of Bengal. And this time that ‘tea uncle’ opened a tea shop himself. He also invited everyone to his own tea shop. Mridul Dev has informed about the tea shop by posting on social media.

After the Corona epidemic started in 2020, lockdown has just started across the state. The roads are all empty. At that time some people were having tea in a tea shop in South Kolkata. But Swaralipi Chatterjee, a former actress and owner of a cafe in South Kolkata, raised the question of why she was having tea in the lockdown market. And he recorded a video of the whole incident and shared it on Facebook. He questioned why everyone was drinking tea in unison in this epidemic. In response to that question, Mridul Dev said, “Shall we not drink tea? Shall we not drink tea?” Netizen was fascinated to hear this question of ‘Tea Uncle’ in such a sweet manner. He went viral overnight under the name ‘Tea Uncle’.

However, he had to listen to viral insults. Various kinds of ugly memes were also made. Even then his real identity was not known. However, in a few days, it is known through another video that the real name of ‘Cha Kaku’ will be Mridul Deb. Mridul Dev, a resident of Ranikuthi area, is a mason by profession. His family lives in poverty. But finally, a year later, he started to walk a new path with that tea.

Mridul Deb opened a tea shop in front of his house near Srikloni Bazar in Ranikuthi. He wrote on Facebook, “My new store. I started small. Those who want to have tea in my shop, come.” His tea shop post also spread on social media at the moment. Mridul Dev’s son said in a video, “Since my father was famous for tea, I thought I would open a tea shop. There is not enough capital for anything else. So this tea shop.”

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