Exclusive: 100 percent pass! How to be admitted in the eleventh? Head teachers in apprehension

#Kolkata: Madhyamik has passed 100% this year. And because of this, the head teachers of the schools are in danger this time. How is it possible to admit all the students in class XI? According to the results of this year’s secondary results of the Board of Secondary Education, more than 9 lakh 82 thousand students got marks above 80 percent. Knowing to get so many marks, the tendency of students to study science will increase. In that case, how can so many students be given a place to study science? Besides, Madhyami was not tested this year. In that case, how can it be verified that the subjects that a student will be interested in reading are suitable for him or her? Headmasters of several schools in Kolkata are currently looking for answers to these questions.

Speaking on the occasion, Dipanbita Roy Chowdhury, Headmistress of Binodini Girls High School, said, “We are really under pressure. We are discussing how to get students admitted in Class XI. In that case, we have to increase the cut off marks. We’re thinking that you can’t apply for a job. ” On the other hand, more than one school in Kolkata admits students in class XI not only from their own school but also from other schools. In that case, several headmasters are worried that they may get into trouble. Speaking on the occasion, the headmistress of Binodini Girls High School said, “We admit students from outside the school in other years. But I still can’t decide what to do this year.”

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On the other hand, the authorities of Jadavpur Vidyapeeth have decided to take the preliminary test of the students one step ahead. Parimal Bhattacharya, headmaster of Jadavpur Vidyapeeth, said, “We have taken a preliminary test of 35 marks for seven subjects out of five. By adding secondary marks to it, we are informing which students are suitable for science, commerce and arts.” However, the school authorities of Baliganj Shiksha Sadan in Goriyahat are in favor of conducting thematic interviews again. Speaking on the occasion, Sunita Sen, Headmistress, Baliganj Shiksha Sadan, said, “Admission to Class XI requires adherence to the rules of the Higher Education Parliament. “

The Parliament of Higher Education has already set a number of subject numbers for admission in Class XI. Students have to get minimum 45% marks in Geography, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. This was stated by the Higher Education Parliament on Tuesday. However, some academics are questioning whether it is possible to give place to students in class XI for more than a decade. Speaking on the occasion, Pabitra Sarkar, an educationist, said, “Everyone who has passed the medium has the right to study in class XI. In that case, the government should think that it is possible to arrange a place for them.” While schools in Kolkata do not have this problem, it is feared that more than one school in the district may have this problem. In particular, more than one student will be interested in studying science. But it is feared that the cut-off marks will not go down in any way for Madhyami to get so many marks this time. In that case, different schools are now discussing what the alternative system might be. However, several school authorities are also looking into whether there is any specific guideline issued by the State Department of Cool Education on this issue.

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