‘Gaddars are talking about phone tapping again’, Shuvendu targets Mamata without naming names – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: A.Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari was targeted by Mamata Banerjee from the Kush stage. At the very end of her speech on the occasion of Martyr’s Day, Mamata said, there are many traitors They are talking big in the face and also talking about tapping the phone

Incidentally, at a BJP protest rally in Nimtauri in East Midnapore last Monday, Shuvendu warned the district police superintendent, “I have all the numbers and call records of those who called you from the nephew’s office.” In the midst of a heated phone conversation, Shuvendur’s demand for a hen was met with controversy. Trinamool has raised the question of how the call record reached the hands of Shuvendu Police have also filed a case against Shuvendu under the Official Secrets Act On this day, the Trinamool leader stabbed Shuvendu without mentioning his name

Mamata Banerjee said, ‘There is still a lot of work to be done in Bengal I have learned a lot in this election Remember, there are many traitors who talk big and talk about phone tapping The people of these traitors will one day say goodbye politically That’s my belief. ” The Chief Minister further said, “They want to do politics by closing the mouths of the people.” It’s not my choice The traitors were born in the BJP party They do not know civilization Culture doesn’t know. ‘

Mamata Banerjee has not directly named Shuvendu Adhikari since she left the grassroots The Chief Minister has ridiculed the Leader of the Opposition as a ‘traitor’ I can’t wait to say that Shuvendui was Mamata’s target even today

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