I saw the grassroots on July 21! The numbers are so hard! Today is another cutthroat game inside the BJP

#Kolkata: Today, on July 21, the BJP’s main program at the grassroots counter-state level will be led by Shuvendu Adhikari. In Hastings, at half past one. State BJP leaders will be with him. As soon as the BJP’s program was finalized, a new buzz started inside Murulidhar Sen Lane. With a little frown, many have started saying that the main program of the BJP against the Trinamool should be done by the hand of the leader from the Trinamool. Is the BJP leader less educated then? Or the central leadership is still not free from grassroots obligations!

Whispers, rumors that the BJP will not be disgraced again, so the center has to plan to give a speech from Delhi to Hastings in a dharna with the virtual Dilip, as if it is circulating inside Muralidhar Lane.

However, the level of quarrel between the BJP’s well-known Adi-Nawa faction is not going to stop now. The new BJP is complaining that it is Dilip Ghosh’s strategy to keep the party in the state. Again, Dilip Shibir opposes them, claiming that some people may try to hijack the movement of the state BJP by taking advantage of the absence of Dilip Ghosh, we cannot digest all that. History has given the title of hero to those who shouted ‘I will not give up without war / Suchagra Medini’. There is no such thing as love and war policy.

However, keeping in mind the pressure of the original-new BJP, the political circles think that these are nothing, who is the face of the BJP as opposed to Mamata? That is the fight If the state level program in Hastings, Kolkata is led by Shuvendu, Dilip will be cut off from the state BJP. So, even if there is a physical goodwill in Hastings tomorrow, Dilip will give a virtual answer to Mamata’s virtual one.

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