Jago bangla | 21 July | From occupying the stand to occupying the mind, what is the matter with Mamta’s mind?

#Kolkata: The stand was occupied quite some time ago. Now the focus is on the human mind. Today, from July 21, the mouthpiece of the Trinamool is going to become Jago Bangla Daily. From the editor of the paper, Trinamool Secretary General Perth Chatterjee, to the Trinamool State Secretary, Kunal Ghosh, the activities of the party leaders culminated around the new launch of the paper at noon today. Kunal Ghosh has explained in several tweets exactly what the look and feel of this paper is going to be like.

Kunal Ghosh wrote in a tweet, “Let’s swear Delhi now. Mamata Banerjee herself writes. The workers are the real assets of the Trinamool Congress. What is the goal of the party now? What will be the code of conduct of the workers? See in detail in” Jago Bangla ” The inaugural sister. ” In his next tweet, Kunal Ghosh’s message was, “Organization like an impenetrable fort. Writes Abhishek Bandyopadhyay, All India General Secretary of the Trinamool. See details in” Jago Bangla “. Daily from today. Published at noon. Inaugural Jannetri.” In the last tweet of the series, he wrote, “It wouldn’t be complete without Mamata’s pen.” Writes Perth Chatterjee, editor of “Jago Bangla”. Daily from today. Revealed this afternoon …. “

In other words, the words or political intentions of Mamata Banerjee-Abhishek Banerjee will appear on the pages of Jago Bangla. Therefore, it can be said that not only the supporters, but also the anti-Mamata camp will keep an eye on Jago Bangla.

Jago Bangla has been arranged by pouring the news of the source. There is e-paper along with printed paper. Not just political news, there will be entertainment, sports, culture, career, travel and feature copies. Work is underway to build a temporary camp office for the time being.

Input- Abir Ghoshal

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