Mamata Banerjee | 21 July meeting | Mamata Banerjee on stage 21 by putting leukoplast on the phone, eavesdropping protest on the phone!

#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee appeared on the stage of Ekushey in a fancy way in protest of eavesdropping on the phone. It was seen that he had put leukoplast on the camera of the phone. Mamata tied the main tone of the speech of 21 in the voice of democracy and in search of its alternative. According to Mamata, intelligence is being used in the country instead of democracy. Everyone’s mouth is closed.

“I can’t talk to any state chief minister,” the Trinamool leader said. Because the phone is tapping. So I plastered the phone. But I will not allow the Indian government to plaster. If they exist, the country will be ruined. Even their own ministerial officers have tapped the phone. Many judges have even been tapped and tapped. They want to destroy our democratic pillar. The electoral system, the judiciary, the media are trying to destroy everything.

Like Mamata Banerjee’s clear ambiguity, spying is going on in the country. Rabindranath’s verses brought up the words in words – my voice is closed today, the flute is musicless. “You disturb the opposition with the agency,” Mamata said, referring directly to Narendra Modi. You never consult Shala. The people of Bengal did not give you a chance.

It should not be difficult to understand, Mamata is calling on the Modi government to identify the evil forces and form an alternative alliance. And he indicated that the election of Bengal would be the inspiration of that alliance. Although he spoke about the front in words on that day. Like Mamata, “All parties have to work together. Build a front. I am going to Delhi. I will meet all the important opposition leaders. Call a meeting.”

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