Mamata Banerjee attacks central government on Pegasus controversy ‘Pegasus-Ferosus-Dangerous!’ Mamata attacks center with eavesdropping on phone – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: At the beginning of the Martyrs’ Day speech, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee spoke out about the Pegasus incident. Mamata alleged that she was directly attacking the center, destroying democracy and spying He alleged that the central government was carrying out espionage without giving due money to the poor

The Trinamool leader said, ‘The phone has become like a call recorder Everything I talk on the phone is being recorded Pegasus, Dangerous, Ferrous 8 7 is harassing people I can’t talk to Chidambaram even if I want to I can’t talk to Sharad Pawar I can’t talk to the Chief Ministers of Andhra, Maharashtra, Orissa and Delhi Because the phone has eavesdropping page 6 He is spying without giving money to the poor And just hitting – holding 6 He is talking big but he is not working People are not getting medicines and vaccines Where is the money from PM Care Fund going? ‘ The Chief Minister cautioned, “In the name of Pegasus, when you sleep at home, you eat, everything is visible. The brain is scanning. ‘

The chief minister alleged that the Modi government was destroying three pillars of democracy by using eavesdropping technology on phones like Pegasus. The Chief Minister also alleged that the phones of the Union government ministers were being monitored He said, “Union government ministers are also being monitored on their phones. Officers, ministers, most of the judges are being eavesdropped on their phones.” The election process, the media, the judiciary is being monitored with the help of Pegasus They will be punished if they do not follow the word Instead of democracy, espionage is going on Everyone’s mouths shut. ‘

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