Mamata Banerjee requests for Supreme court intervention in phone tapping issue Supreme Court to file self-motivated case for phone eavesdropping, plea Mamata – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee has demanded the intervention of the Supreme Court to uncover the truth behind the phone spying scandal. On this day, the Chief Minister made this demand from the platform of 21st July His plea to the Supreme Court judges is that the Supreme Court should file a self-motivated case for eavesdropping on the phone. Otherwise, a special investigation team should be formed under the supervision of the Supreme Court to reveal the real truth

Mamata Banerjee has been eavesdropping on the phone since the beginning of her 21st July speech He alleged that not only the leaders of the opposition but also the judges of the Supreme Court were being monitored. In this context, the Chief Minister said, “We all respect the judges of the Supreme Court.” Can’t you be self-motivated and intervene? Judges, leaders of political parties, everyone is eavesdropping on their phones Phones have become recorders If you sit at home and talk to the people in the house, it will be recorded Please save the country Self-motivated case 7 Nahl form the seat 6 The seat should be investigated under the supervision of the Supreme Court Whose phone was eavesdropped on?

At the same time, he said, ‘My phone has been monitored Abhishek, Prashant Kishore’s phone was also monitored and my words were also recorded Because I have talked to them I also talk to a lot of journalists.

The chief minister alleged that the central government was destroying all three pillars of democracy by eavesdropping on the phone. The Chief Minister’s allegations, the electoral system, the judiciary as well as the media are being monitored. “The only thing that can save democracy today is the judiciary, the people of the country and the political parties,” she said. If we don’t come forward, the people of the country will not forgive us. “

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