Shahid Shraddhanjali Diwas Bengal Bjp protest and sit for dharna under the leadership of Dilip Ghosh rc, Dilip Ghosh on Shahid Diwas: Mamata and her government use Pegasus company software: Dilip Ghosh– News18 Bangla

#NewDelhi: When Mamata Banerjee’s speech at the Trinamool Congress ‘Martyrs’ Day on July 21 spread to several states, including Delhi, the opposition BJP took counter-action at the national level. BJP state president Dilip Ghosh virtually joined the Shahid Shraddhanjali Diwas program from Delhi. The BJP protested loudly from Delhi to Kolkata over allegations of post-poll violence in West Bengal. At the beginning of the Martyrs’ Day speech (Mamata Banerjee 21 July Speech), Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee spoke about the Pegasus incident. Mamata alleged that she was directly attacking the center, destroying democracy and spying He alleged that the central government was carrying out espionage without giving due money to the poor

Mamata Banerjee’s statement was countered by Dilip Ghosh on Shahid Diwas. He claims, ‘Mamata Banerjee says, her phone is being tapped. At one point his right-hand man Mukul Roy, who came into our water, complained that his phone was tapped. He even went to the Supreme Court. He knows very well who the culture is to tap photos. This culture is not ours. Trinamool leaders don’t talk to anyone except WhatsApp, because they all know their phones are tapped. He tapped himself. Mamata and her government use Pegasus software. He can tell in a good way who’s phone is being tapped. So this false allegation in the name of our party will not succeed in any way. Attempts are being made to discredit Modiji. They are trying to defame politically, democratically.

Dilip Ghosh’s statement mocking Trinamool’s Martyrs’ Day said, ‘Trinamool’s Martyrs’ Day is also going on today. This means that there is no such thing as the core of this group. Borrowing and stealing everything. We have come together to pay tribute to our 175 workers who have been killed by grassroots thugs in the last 6-7 years.

Reminding Mamata Banerjee and her government of post-election violence once again, Dilip Ghosh shouted, ‘Hon’ble Chief Minister is dreaming of becoming the Prime Minister of the country. He said there was no post-poll violence. But in May-June, about 45 BJP workers were killed. And about 11,072 incidents of violence have been recorded. There are also many more incidents. Get it in the future. Of these, 36 were personally assaulted. Of these, 630 attempted murders have taken place. 45 people have been killed. In 6446 incidents, the houses of the workers have been demolished. The house has been demolished with JCB. More than 60,000 workers and supporters are homeless. 1000 people are still homeless. Many have been forced to go abroad to find work. False cases have been filed against our workers till the Assembly elections. The BJP will protest till the last drop of blood. It must be judged. ‘

Dilip Ghosh claims, ‘I have not seen such atrocities in the history of West Bengal. Those who are celebrating Martyrs’ Day against the oppression of the Left Front have broken all records of oppression. It is being practiced all over the world. This government has destroyed the political culture of this state. There are communal riots. Being an opponent is a crime here. ‘

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