Something would have been earned from the crowd on July 21! So this time the traders of Dharmatala area are upset – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: 21 July (21 July TMC Shahid Diwas) means busyness all over Dharmatala. The crackdown would have started a week before the rally. Everyone’s interest was surrounded by the grassroots stage. That situation has also changed in Corona. As a result, the traders of Dharmatala are upset. Because the merchants of this square would be happy with the amount of money that was traded in the crowd of millions of people. Especially those who used to sit on the sidewalk and sell food or daily necessities or clothes would earn some money. As a result, everyone is upset.

In front of the Statesman’s House, however, was a crowd of enthusiastic Trinamool Congress workers. Many have come again to pay their respects at the Shaheed Bedi. However, Mamata Banerjee’s speech has been heard live in several places in Kolkata since this morning. Anindya Raut, youth Trinamool president of North Kolkata, said, “We have installed giant screens in about 80 wards.

There were giant screens in 64 wards of South Kolkata. Bappaditya Dasgupta, the young Trinamool president of South Kolkata, said many people have been reached through virtual rallies. Shopkeepers in Deckers Lane say, “We also ate Himshim for this one day. So many people came that we were busy for the previous two days. The same statement is being made by the traders of New Market.

The market was closed for a long time. Traders were closed. As a result, traders have suffered for a long time. Many had hoped that the millions of people who would gather at the rally on July 21 would benefit their business. Businessman Umesh Khan says, “I thought I would listen to the speech at the same time. I will be able to sell things again.” But all those memories in Corona’s atmosphere. So upset Dharmatala.

With the exception of 2011, rallies are being held in front of Victoria House in Dharmatala on July 21. Huge stage was tied. Representatives from more than one district used to come. Even several important people have come and joined this stage. As a result, many people became interested in this stage.

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