This time she made her debut in Delhi as ‘Didir Doot’, she is Mamata’s big hope for 2024 – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The country also wants a Bengali girl this time Abhishek Banerjee gave the same message in the first digital edition of Jago Bangla after calling the anti-BJP front from the stage on July 21. In the words of the Trinamool All India General Secretary, it is clear that he wants to take the model that succeeded in the Assembly elections in Bengal to Delhi this time. On the same day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee made it clear that Abhishek was going to play a major role in coordinating with other opposition leaders in forming alliances at the national level.

The main slogan of the grassroots in the assembly elections in Bengal was, Bengal wants its own daughter From this day a new digital version of Jago Bangla 7 was published Along with this, Trinamool’s mouthpiece 7 became a weekly to a daily newspaper In the first digital edition, Mamata Banerjee as well as Abhishek Banerjee’s writings have been published. The state chief minister is set to play a key role in forming the ABJP government, Abhishek said in a statement to the party.

At the invitation of the Trinamool Congress, several opposition leaders like Sharad Pawar and P Chidambaram gathered at the Constitution Club in Delhi. There they listened to Mamata Banerjee’s speech through virtual Abhishek thanked the opposition leaders for speaking after Mamata Trinamool All India General Secretary 7 alleged that the central government was trying to suppress the opposition But Abhishek also claimed that the Trinamool Congress would not bow its head no matter how much pressure the Modi government puts on it.

According to political sources, Abhishek had reached out to the districts as Didi’s envoy before the Assembly elections. This time in Delhi too, the party is relying heavily on him to unite the opposition Abhishek Banerjee will arrive in Delhi tonight Prashant Kishore is also returning to Delhi Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will arrive in Delhi next week All in all, fulfilling Mamata’s vow to go to Delhi is now the most important responsibility of the Trinamool All India General Secretary.

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