TMC Martyrs Day Mamata Banerjee claims that West Bengal model is the future model for the country not Gujarat rc, Mamata Banerjee on Bengal Model:

#Kolkata: July 21, 2021. Mamata Banerjee on Shahid Dibas calls for victory in Delhi from Trinamool Congress ‘TMC Martyrs’ Day. Calling the front against the BJP, Mamata explained that the countdown started from today. Ahead of 2024, the Trinamool leader shouted, ‘Not Gujarat, Bengali is the ideal model’. Calling the BJP a more dangerous virus than the coronavirus, Mamata claimed, ‘The game is over, the game will be over again. As long as we can’t say goodbye to the BJP, there will be games in the states. Will play everywhere. August 16 will be celebrated as Sports Day.

On this day when Mamata Banerjee listened to the speeches of the 21st stage, P Chidambaram, Dwigbijay Singh, Supriya Sulera. Mamata Banerjee on the Bengal Model (Mamata Banerjee on Bengal Model) will be chosen if the Opposition Front comes to power to run the country. In his words, ‘We give free rations in our state. In which states do you give free rations? Prime Minister, please make arrangements to give free rations to the whole country. Don’t bother us. If our front comes to power, all the citizens of the country will be given free rations. Free rations are given in Bengal. Free medical services are provided. Ayushman Bharat is not a project, we give Rs 5 lakh per family per year to Swasthyasathi. The treatment is free at the government hospital.

To present the Bengali model in more detail to the people of the country, Mamata Banerjee said, We thought for women. I give 1000 per month to the women of Scheduled Castes. The general cast gets 500 rupees. The Kanyashree project in the state has been number one in the world. We are paying 10 thousand rupees for the farmers. For one acre of land. Even if there is one katha of land, 4 thousand rupees is given. Land mutations are completely free. Model in Bengal, not Gujarat. Everyone knows what you have done in Gujarat. Even if someone dies here, I pay 2,000 rupees for the funeral. 25 thousand was given to the girls for marriage in Rupashree. There are also MatiSrishti, Khadyasathi, Sabujshree, Samavyathi, Anandadhara, Duare Sarkar, Para Para. We work for the people. We are number one in the small scale industry from e-commerce. We are number one in 100 days of work. Poverty has been reduced by 40 percent.

Mamata’s call to all states, ‘Dead bodies are floating in the Ganges and the Prime Minister says Uttar Pradesh is the best state in the country. There is no shame. There is no vaccine, no medicine, no oxygen, the corpse is not allowed to be buried. We picked him up from the Ganges and buried him. Just big words. Your failure is final. 4 lakh people have died for you. The second wave control car could have been taken at the right time. But according to the Daily Passenger in Bengal, you were busy destroying democracy. The people of Bengal have made it clear that Bengal is ready to fight, whether it is a freedom movement or any other struggle. I will tell all the states to unite and get ready to fight. Build alliances. This is the right time. The longer you wait, the more time will be wasted. I am going to Delhi. Sharadji, I will tell Chidambaram that if we call a meeting, we will go ‘.

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