Virtual again, so rely on Mamata Banerjee’s July 21 speech on social media

#Kolkata: For the third time, Bangla Joy Sara, this time the Trinamool is insisting on being an ‘All India’ party. Because Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee has already made it clear that her goal is to remove Narendra Modi. And with that in mind, the Trinamool is looking to expand its organization beyond Bengal. From today’s rally on July 21, party leader Mamata Banerjee will give the message of what will be the goal of the Trinamool to reach out to the people at the all-India level. It is learned that the work of reorganizing has already started in Tripura. And in that work, Mukul Roy is going to be the trump card of the Trinamool. But Mamata knows very well that it is not possible to implement the 2024 plan only with Bengal and Tripura. Therefore, several states like Assam and Sikkim are also targeted by the ruling party of this state. It is becoming clear from the new social media account of Trinamool.

Today, everyone is waiting to hear what Mamata Banerjee has to say in the way Delhi, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Assam are celebrating July 21 with enthusiasm. Already Trinamool has created separate social media accounts for multiple states like ‘Tmc for Assam’, ‘Tmc for Sikkim’, ‘Tmc for Manipur’, ‘Tmc for Tripura’, ‘Tmc for Maharashtra’, ‘Tmc for Odisha’. Done. According to sources, grassroots public welfare activities in the state will be promoted from those social media pages. Mamata Banerjee’s speech will be heard in the respective states from all these pages today. Abhishek Banerjee has been heard to say about the plan to expand the organization in foreign states as the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool, ‘This Trinamool is different. We are not going to get two or three foreign seats now or increase the vote share. We will focus on expanding the organization where we have a chance to win.

However, according to the political circles, this time the grassroots is watching the seizure of power in a foreign state with confidence. In that case, will the anti-BJP forces of the whole country unite under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee this time? Abhishek said, “We will spread the word about Mamata Banerjee’s struggle to every corner of the country.” The ruling party is already setting up social media cells at every level of the grassroots. There is also the constant support of Prashant Kishore’s ‘IPAC’. As a result, it is becoming clear that Abhishek Banerjee wants to move towards 2024 by using Facebook and Twitter as a tool. And today, using that social media tool, the Trinamool Congress wants to convey Mamata Banerjee’s message to about 5 million people.


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