Mamata Banerjee on Pegasus || “Call ahead and talk, no phone is safe,” Mamata warned the leaders

#Kolkata: At the cabinet meeting, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee warned the ministers over the phone about the Pegasus issue. During the cabinet meeting, the Chief Minister said, ‘No matter how many modern phones you take, those phones are not safe. Facetime is not safe. He even showed his iPhone and said, ‘My phone is not safe either. So it is better not to say the necessary things on the phone. Call ahead and talk. ‘

Incidentally, the two chambers of Parliament heated again on the issue of Pegasus On Thursday, the third day of the monsoon session, the two-chamber session of Parliament was repeatedly postponed. Both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha are adjourned till 12 noon. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the Lok Sabha in protest of the Pegasus issue. Narendra Modi’s statement was also demanded.

On this day, the Trinamool protested in the Parliament in a fancy way. Everyone was listening to the MPs, and then the BJP objected. At that moment, the grassroots complained, “When we are talking, it is being eavesdropped on.” MPs have responded to that fancy protest of the Trinamool.

Incidentally, the Badal session of the parliament has started from last Monday. But on Sunday night, just before the start of the session, Pegasus 7 made a fuss Allegedly, the central government is eavesdropping on the phones of opposition leaders, Supreme Court justices, journalists and social activists through this Israeli software. However, this allegation has been completely refuted by the Narendra Modi government. But the opposition is reluctant to give concessions to the Center on this issue So the tune that Pegasus has been playing since Monday is growing. Wednesday was Trinamool Congress Martyrs’ Day 7 From the stage, Mamata also slammed the central government and the BJP over the Pegasus issue.

Meanwhile, Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee has directed to continue protests in Parliament on the Pegasus issue. Today, Abhishek held a meeting with all the MPs at the house of Rajya Sabha MP Sukhendu Shekhar Roy. MPs congratulated him with flowers. Prashant Kishore was also present at the meeting. Trinamool has 9 questions on the Pegasus issue and Abhishek has instructed the MPs to ask answers to those questions every day. The two chambers of parliament have also been instructed to take the protest with other political parties.

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