NHRC Report on Bengal: Jadavpur incident ‘close chapter’, NHRC report on the way to retaliation

#Kolkata: State Home Secretary BP Gopalika has repeatedly demanded a report from the district administration on all the incidents mentioned in the Human Rights Commission’s report on ‘post-poll violence’. Nabanna has also instructed to prepare and send a police station based report one step further. An order of the High Court in this regard brought some relief to the state government in this situation. The Calcutta High Court had condemned IPS Rashid Munir Khan for allegedly ‘attacking’ members of the National Human Rights Commission in Jadavpur. The IPS responded to the show. It is learned that the court was satisfied with the reply submitted by Rashid Munir Khan. As already stated by the court, the matter is a ‘close chapter’.

Meanwhile, the Advocate General of the state, Kishore Dutt, wanted a report on every incident of rape in the post-vote violence reported by the National Human Rights Commission. He pleaded with the court to provide information to the state on the ‘incidents’ of rape. The state will file a counter report in the court on that basis. In the wake of the state’s plea, the acting chief justice of the high court said the rape information should not be made public in any way.

The ruling party of the state has already been taken to task in the report of the National Human Rights Commission. At the same time, the administration is also in question. The report of the commission has claimed that the administration has not fulfilled its responsibility to prevent vote-violence. As a result, the state government has taken initiative to respond to every incident. The concerned district administrations have already been asked to send the report. Later, state home secretary BP Gopalika directed the district police superintendents to send reports to the police station.

The police stations have also been asked to mention in the report separately how many complaints have been lodged in any police station since Mamata Banerjee was sworn in as the Chief Minister, out of which there are allegations of political violence. The report should also mention the number of allegations of political assassination.

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