Stoneman Fear in Kolkata || Khas Stoneman panic in Calcutta! A young man lying on the sidewalk has a deep head wound, death …

#Kolkata: Stoneman Fear in Kolkata. Over the past few days, there have been reports of many people being injured or killed by stone pelting from multiple places in the city. A similar incident took place on Tuesday night on BK Pal Avenue in North Kolkata. Om Prakash Sharma, 26, a local resident, runs a rice hotel on the sidewalk. He slept on the sidewalk outside the hotel for warmth that night. He was allegedly hit by a stone at dawn. On Wednesday morning, family members found he had serious head injuries.

In addition to the Stoneman panic, Omprakash’s family has also complained of negligence in his treatment. After family members found Omprakash injured on Wednesday morning, they first took him to Belgachhia RG Tax Medical College Hospital, where he was referred without being admitted. The family then took him to Calcutta Medical College, where he was eventually admitted to the Emergency Observation Ward. However, the family complained that only Omprakash was left with a bandage on his head. Even then, the doctor did not come to see him even once for the whole day. The family then became agitated from this morning, after which they lodged a written complaint with the superintendent, assuring him of super treatment.

However, the last defense did not. He was taken to the Super Specialty Block at around 5 pm for a corona test, but within a few minutes, Ward informed the family that Omprakash had died. Omprakash’s mother Rita Sharma said, “My child did nothing wrong, so why did he have to leave without treatment like this. If he had died on the operating table, I would not have had any complaints, but I did not get the minimum treatment.”

Meanwhile, the family became excited when they heard the news of his death. Police of Boubazar police station came to the spot. After some arguments between the two sides, the family calmed down after assuring an investigation. The body has been sent for autopsy. However, the medical college authorities have completely denied the allegation of untreated death. The hospital authorities claim that the corona was examined and operated on one day under observation. However, the question has arisen as to why this seriously injured person was not operated on on an emergency basis!


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