Suvendu Adhikari in High Court: ‘CBI should investigate all my cases’, this time in the High Court

#Kolkata: Opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari has already approached the Supreme Court seeking transfer of the Nandigram case to another state. The BJP MLA had mentioned in his affidavit that there was an attempt to influence the judiciary by creating pressure. And this time, he has requested the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to investigate all the criminal cases against him in the state.

Opposition leader’s appeal to the High Court, the state has been vindictive and several criminal cases have been filed against him without any reason. This is revealing the vengeance of the state. Shuvendu claims that the ruling party of the state is taking revenge on him for changing parties. That is why they are trying to make him miserable by filing a case without any reason. In this situation, the state police will not be able to properly investigate. Therefore, Shuvendur claims that the real truth will be revealed only after conducting an investigation with the CBI. The case is likely to be heard next week.

Incidentally, the hearing of the Nandigram case has come up in the court of the new judge of the High Court. The High Court also directed the Commission to preserve all documents related to voting. Trinamool Congress candidate Mamata Banerjee had moved the bench seeking transfer of the case to another bench, expressing no confidence in Justice Kaushik Chand. Justice Chanda issued the order on July 7 in the light of Mamata Banerjee’s appeal. Although she dropped the case following the plea, Mamata Banerjee was fined Rs 5 lakh.

After that, Shuvendu approached the Supreme Court. Applying to the apex court, Justice Kaushik Chanda wrote in his directive, “Some opportunists have entered the Nandigram case in the name of saving justice. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari is using this part of the observation. He also asked the CBI to investigate all the cases against him in the state.

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