The pass rate in all districts is more than 95 percent! However, Kolkata is at the back of the list of districts – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Madhyamik had 100% pass rate and district based pass rate was 100%. The overall pass rate in West Bengal Higher Secondary is 98.69 percent. In that case, the Higher Education Parliament has made the statistics of the pass rate in each district. It shows that the average pass rate in each district is more than 95 percent. According to the statistics of the Higher Education Parliament, the highest pass rate is in Birbhum. Kalimpong district has the lowest pass rate. Although the district-based pass rate was announced, no merit list was released by the parliament on this day.

According to the Higher Secondary Education Parliament, Birbhum has passed 96.56%, Alipurduar has passed 98.44%, Malda has passed 97.32%, Nadia has passed 97.28%, Darjeeling has passed 98.18%, South Dinajpur Passed 98.18%. Murshidabad passed 98.14%, North Dinajpur passed 98.11%, Kochbihar passed 97.01%, Jalpaiguri passed 97.96%, East Burdwan passed 98.92%, Purulia passed 97.84%. Passed 98.83% in North 24 Parganas, 98.53% in Hughli, 98.51% in Bankura, 98.35% in West Midnapore, 98.32% in South 24 Parganas, 98 in East Midnapore. 18%, West Burdwan 98.12%, Howrah 98.92%, Kolkata 97.81%, Jhargram 97.82%, Kalimpong 95.85%.

According to the statistics of the Parliament of Higher Education, the pass rate of minorities is 98.46%. The pass rate of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes is 98.33%. Besides, the pass rate in arts, science and commerce departments has increased significantly this year. According to the statistics given by the parliament, the pass rate in the arts department is 98.39%, the pass rate in the science department is 99.28% and the pass rate in the commerce department is 99.06%. According to the officials of the Parliament of Higher Education, due to non-examination, some exceptional results have been published in the history of higher education. However, some parliamentary officials claim that this year’s results are more consistent than last year’s.

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