West Bengal Govt Will celebrate on 16th August said CM | Why August 16 is ‘Khela Beh’ Day? Mamata argues, ‘Ready’ is 50 thousand balls made in Bengal! – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: ‘Khela Chahe’ Day will be celebrated across the state on August 16. Earlier, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had informed. The final decision on the matter was taken at the cabinet meeting on Thursday. Later in the press conference, the Chief Minister also made an announcement in this regard. He also explained why ‘Khela Bhaye’ Day will be celebrated.

On this day, the Chief Minister (Mamata Banerjee) said that every year August 16 is ‘Khela Beh’ Day across the state. State clubs will be given 10 ‘winning’ balls each. Which has been made in Bengali. The Chief Minister said that 50,000 balls have already been made. Explaining the day, he said that the game would be celebrated keeping in mind the tragic incident that took place in Eden Gardens in 1970.

He then added, “August 16 will be celebrated the day after independence. The independence of the country is in danger today. The people of the country are being silenced. So that the country gets rid of all this. So that human freedom remains intact. That is why this ‘game will be’ day will be organized. ” He added, “On that day, 1 lakh footballs will be given to different clubs in villages and ganj. The balls will be provided by the state’s youth welfare and sports department. The 260 IFA clubs will also be given ten balls each.

The Chief Minister said, “I have asked Arup Biswas to prepare the paperwork. 50,000 balls have already been made. The ‘winning’ ball made by the mothers and sisters of our house will be given to everyone. The game is needed to preserve civilization. “Many people have different meanings. In fact, the slogan will be played from Bengali. But today it is popular all over India. We want to celebrate ‘Khela Chahe’ Day in a special way. From now on, this day will be celebrated every year.”

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