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Adah Sharma Breaks Silence on The Film Ban in West Bengal



The Kerala Story Controversy: Adah Sharma speaks against the ban on the film in West Bengal. The actor calls it a deliberate attempt to undermine the authority of CBFC.

The Kerala Story Adah Sharma Breaks Silence on The Film Ban in West Bengal
Adah Sharma in The Kerala Story (Photo: Instagram/ Adah Sharma)

Mumbai: Adah Sharma has reacted strongly to the ban against her film ‘The Kerala Story‘ in West Bengal. The actor, who plays the lead in the Sudipto Sen directorial, called the ban an infringement of one’s right. She deemed it an unnecessary attempt to step into the jurisdiction of a film body that is solely responsible for passing the film for release.


When asked if the film’s reception by the audience is a win for the team, Adah refused and highlighted how it has been banned in West Bengal for over a week now. The actor spoke to News18 and said, “How it is a win for us? For one week it has been banned now. I don’t understand why. I am not the authority on it, I don’t have a say. But I feel the censor board is the official jury for all movies, everywhere. If they decide, maybe people should watch it and then have an opinion on it, whether they like it or not. But banning without watching? I don’t know. That’s not right. Then we are not respecting the censor board at all.”

She, however, agreed that a section of the audience has supported ‘The Kerala Story‘ and the Box Office performance reflects that. “Still people are so supportive, despite it being banned in some places. We are really grateful to the audience who went to watch,” she added.


The actor, who has earlier worked in movies like ‘1920‘, ‘Hasee Toh Phasee‘, ‘Commando 2‘, and ‘Bypass Road‘ among others, mentioned how the film has found acceptance among a certain section of the audience. She said the story is relatable and has created a conversation around the issue, especially in the South Indian states. “It is not just a film to them anymore. There are people in South (Indian states) watching it and they are like, ‘I know someone who went through this’. It is almost like a movement now, like women’s empowerment. When I meet people now, I see that it is so much more to them now,” she explained.

The Kerala Story‘ has done decent business at the Box Office. The film shows women in Kerala being converted to Islam and trafficked to Syria. Adah plays the role of one such woman who gets trapped in Syria after being impregnated by a Muslim man in Kerala who influences her to get converted to Islam to legitimise their child. The film is produced by Vipul Amritlal Shah who’s also credited as the Creative director of the film.

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