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Darwaza Todne Wala Image… Exclusive



In an exclusive interview with, Dayanand Shetty spoke about being typecasted in industry after playing the Iconic character, Daya from CID. The actor also reveals how apprehensive he was in playing a different character this time.

CID Fame Dayanand Shetty on Being Typecast For 21 Years: ‘Darwaza Todne Wala Image...' | Exclusive
EXCLUSIVE: CID Fame Dayanand Shetty on Being Typecast For 21 Years ‘Vo Darwaza Thodne Wala Image…’

Who doesn’t remember the popular Indian Television drama, CID? The show has always been etched in the minds of millennials. The crime drama ran for 21 years and somehow made an unexpected place in people’s hearts. If you have watched this show, then you would definitely remember the USP of this investigation drama, Dayanand Shetty who played the role of Senior Inspector Daya.

Notably known as a very talented actor, Dayanand Shetty aka Daya is back on-screen with his latest film The Creator- Sanrajan. While this time, we will see him in a very different avatar. In an exclusive interview with, Dayanand spoke about being typecast after playing the iconic character of Daya and shared his approach toward it. He told us, “Typecast jab hojata hai toh normal casting main bas vo hota hai, koi bhi jo cast karna chahta hai vo bolte hai ki uski image hai darwaza todne wali toh ek aur tough cop ka role dedo. Isliye mujhe cop roles zyda milte hai. (After playing the character of Daya in CID, I got typcast. People remembered me through the tag line from the show ‘Darwaza todo Daya’ and offered me similar Inspector/tough cop roles.)

‘I Was Apprehensive For New Role In The Creator’: Dayanand Shetty

Dayanand Shetty told about how apprehensive he was in the beginning to sign The Creator Sarjanhar where he plays the character of Dr Ray. He said, “I asked my director and producer whether I can play the part or not. They were convinced and what I did was surrender myself to the director completely.” Dayanand Shetty also said how he sees a change now in people offering him different kinds of roles. He added, ”Thankfully aise roles aa rahe hai, jinke inspector Daya jaise characters se koi link nhi hai”.

Mirzapur Actor Shaji Chaudhary Lauds Dayanand Shetty

Shaji Chaudhary, who is known for his role Maqbool, lauded his co-star Dayanand Shetty for breaking the stereotype and doing a tremendous role in the film. He told us while accepting being stereotyped in this industry, “He did a fantastic job and played the character so well. Nothing similar to ACP Daya’s character and you will definitely applaud him after watching the film”.

About ‘The Creator-Sarjanhar’

The Creator- Sarjanhar is directed by Praveen Hingonia and produced by Rajesh Karate. The film includes powerful performers like Dayanand Shetty, Shaji Choudhary, Bhuvnesh Mam, Rohit Chaudhari, Jashn Kohli, Raza Murad, Himani Sahani, Eliza Sehgal, Bushra Sheikh, Anant Mahadevan, Sanjay Swaraj, Pramod Mahoto in important roles. Based on the powerful concept of ‘one world, one religion’, the film is based on the idea of a world without borders and bringing people together. The idea of following different religions creates unimaginable problems and destroys unity and love among all.

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