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Emotional Karishma Tanna Recalls Father Demise, Reveals He Didnt See Her After She Was Born



Actress Karishma Tanna was in tears when she recalled her father’s death incident at her home.

Emotional Karishma Tanna Recalls Father’s Demise, Reveals He Didn’t See Her After She Was Born
Emotional Karishma Tanna Recalls Father’s Demise, Reveals He Didn’t See Her After She Was Born

Actress Karishma Tanna, who is busy promoting her upcoming web series Scoop, directed by Hansal Mehta, talks about her father for the first time. She revealed with a heavy heart that he didn’t see her face for a month as he wanted a boy. Karishma said that her mother recently told her about her father and it broke her heart. That day she decided to give her parents everything that a  son might have given. While interacting with Siddharth Kannan in Hindi, Karishma said, “My mother had told me when I was old enough that actually when I was born, my dad wasn’t happy. Because he wanted a son and there was family pressure, like typical Gujarati families.”

Karishma Tanna, who has an elder sister, promised herself to earn more and give her family everything like a son. She continued, “They thought a son can carry forward their lineage, earn more and they are superior. My mom had two daughters. My granddad and grandmom used to give us secondhand treatment. It made me strong, I will show them what a boy does can also be done by a girl.” Tanna said she decided at a young age to be the provider for her family.

Karishma Tanna added, “Jab mai pada hui thi, meri mummy ne ek hafte tak mera chehra nahi dekha tha. Mere papa ek mahine tak dekhne nahi aye hospital me kiuki dusri bhi ladki hi hui (When I was born my mother didn’t see my face for one week. My father didn’t see me for a month). When my mom told me that it broke my heart. It’s not that my father didn’t love me. It was because his second child was also a girl and family pressure was there, so he didn’t come to see me. But, it broke him also from inside. Mujhe oh betiyan pasand hai par mai apni family ko kya kahunga (my dad liked girl child but how could he tell this to his family). This girl is also going to get secondhand treatment, what is her fault? After this, I decided and told my father that I will do everything that you expect from a son. Main ladka ban k dikhaungi (I will be your son) and I did that”.

Karishma Tanna’s father died at the age of 56 due to a heart attack. She was in tears recalling his death incident in the bathroom. “I was shooting with Karan Tacker at a restaurant in Versova when my mother called me saying ‘Dad is not opening the bathroom door’. I thought they both must have fought and that’s why papa locked the door from the inside. When second-time mom called me saying Dad is not opening the door. Then I rushed to my place. By the time I break open the bathroom door, it was late. That’s when we came to know he had a heart attack”, Karishma said while wiping her tears.

In Scoop, Karishma will be essaying the role of journalist Jagruti Pathak. The Netflix series will be released on June 2.

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