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I Was Failing in Everything…



Singer Kailash Kher opened up on attempting suicide when he was in his 20s. He talked about the incident in an interview.

Kailash Kher Breaks Silence on Attempting Suicide in Rishikesh 'I Was Failing in Everything...'
Kailash Kher Breaks Silence on Attempting Suicide in Rishikesh ‘I Was Failing in Everything…’ (Photo: Instagram/ Kailash Kher)

Kailash Kher on attempting suicide: Singer Kailash Kher once again spoke about attempting suicide in his early 20s and surviving the incident. The popular playback singer talked to a news agency in an interview recently and mentioned how he jumped into the river Ganga after realising that he was not meant for the world. Kailash said he was at Rishikesh and was failing at everything in life. The singer then decided to end it all by jumping into the river but he was saved by someone who also lashed out at him for being so unfaithful in life.

Kailash Kher, who is known for his songs like ‘Saiyaan‘ and ‘Allah Ke Bande‘ among others, told news agency ANI, “I had done many odd jobs to survive. I was 20 or 21 when I started doing export business in Delhi. I used to send handicrafts to Germany. Unfortunately, all of a sudden that business collapsed. After facing several problems in business, I went to Rishikesh to become a ‘pandit’. However, I used to feel that I was a misfit there as my fellow mates were younger than me and my views never matched theirs. I was dejected as I was failing in everything..so one day I tried to commit suicide by jumping into the river Ganga.”


He added that he locked himself in his room the next day and stopped eating. “But a person at the Ghat jumped in the Ganga immediately and saved me. He asked, ‘Tairna nahin aata gaya kyu tha? (Why did you jump when you don’t know how to swim?)’ I replied, ‘Marne (to die)’… aur meri suicide ki baat jaane ke baad unhone mujhe tez ki tapli maari sar pe (after learning about my intentions of ending my life, he hit me hard on my head),” he explained.

Kailash revealed that he tried to communicate with God at that time to find out the meaning of his existence. The singer came to Mumbai for a career in the music industry in his 30s. He believes that only God is behind whatever name and fame he has received in life because he was hell-bent on ending it all for him long back.

Dial up, speak and share if you are struggling with any mental issues. Remember, you are not alone!

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Published Date: February 10, 2023 7:51 AM IST

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