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iLEAD Hosted a Symposium on Digital Transformation: A Socioeconomic Game Changer

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 iLEAD, the hub of academic excellence and innovation, hosted a symposium on Digital Transformation, a socioeconomic game changer. The event was graced with the presence of notable dignitaries from diverse sectors, namely Mr. Rahul Dutta (Executive Director, PWC), Dr. Simontini Patra Banerjee (In-Charge Department of Laboratory Medicine, ESI Hospital), Mr. Uddalak Banerjee (GM HRBP, East Cluster, Vodafone), Ms. Subha Das Mollick (Documentary Film Maker). They shared valuable insights on the how digitalisation is shaping our society and economy.

Furthermore, the event witnessed the much-anticipated launch of ‘Digital Transformation in Emerging Business Environment’, a book on digitalization. The book is about the changing dynamics of the digital world, and how the emergence of digitalization is impacting the business industry. 

The symposium featured an eminent panel of speakers; each of them is an expert in their respective fields. They shared their profound thoughts and experiences on the transformative power of digital technologies. All the attendees had the privilege of gaining a deeper understanding of how the digital advancement is reshaping the industries and impacting the lives of individuals.

The event commenced with the speech of Dr. Soumen Chatterjee, Principal of iLEAD. He spoke about the digital divide during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mr. Rahul Dutta emphasized on our economical and social well being due to digitalization along with financial inclusion. Dr. Simontini Patra Banerjee stressed on how digitalization has become a blessing for the healthcare sector. She also talked about telemedicine. Veteran documentary film maker and Professor of Media Science, Ms. Subha Das Mollick was overwhelmed to witness the auditorium full of enthusiastic students and shared her thoughts on how digitalization has transformed the media sector. A documentary named Where Are They Now Indians from 1967 was also screened during the event.

The event received enthusiastic response from the present audience. The students learnt about the impact and advancement of digitization across different sectors. iLEAD remains committed to organizing such enriching events on different topics that contribute towards the knowledge and intellectual growth of the students.

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