Kareena Kapoor Calls Urfi Javed Gutsy And She Responds Saying None of Your Opinions…


Kareena Kapoor Khan, in an interview, says she’s not as confident as Urfi Javed but she totally appreciates her being ‘gusty’. Here’s how Urfi responds to this.

Kareena Kapoor Calls Urfi Javed 'Gutsy' And She Responds Saying 'None of Your Opinions...'
Kareena Kapoor Calls Urfi Javed ‘Gutsy’ And She Responds Saying ‘None of Your Opinions…’

Mumbai: Urfi Javed is a fashionista and while there can be multiple debates and discussions over her sense of style, nothing can shake off her confidence. She has fearless faith in herself and that’s her biggest power as someone who is self-reliant and bold in every sense of the word. Over the period of time, Urfi has received both criticism and appreciation for her bold choice of outfits – most of which she curates herself. However, now, she has been recognised and put up in the front row by all the biggies of the film and the fashion industry. The latest one to join the bandwagon is Kareena Kapoor Khan.


The OG Poo of Bollywood, Kareena recently spoke about Urfi’s ‘gutsy’ sense of fashion. In an interview, she said she might not be that confident herself but she loves the way Urfi carries herself. The actor told Times Now, “Fashion is all about expression and freedom of speech. I think that the confidence with which she pulls it off, I think she looks really cool and amazing. The fact that she does exactly as she wants, that’s what fashion is all about – when you are comfortable in your own skin and do exactly as you, please. I just love the confidence. I am a confident girl so I am all for confidence. I just love her confidence and the way she walks. Hats off.” She added, “I am not as gutsy as Urfi but I feel it’s extremely brave and extremely gutsy.”

Urfi took notice of these comments on her fashion sense and responded back. Taking to social media, she expressed her excitement over Kareena calling her ‘gutsy’ and praising her confidence. She wrote, “Whatttttttt, Kareena just said she likes me ??? I’m ded! Bye. I can’t, wow, is this seriously happening? I need 4-5 working days to process this! The queen said she likes me so none of your opinions matter now. I’ve never reacted this way to anyone praising me but this is Kareena we’re talking about! (sic)”

Earlier, Kangana Ranaut, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, and many other prominent faces from the film and the fashion industry have heaped praises on Urfi for being herself. Urfi is unapologetic and unabashed about her lifestyle and that inspires many. Your thoughts on Kareena’s statements about Urfi?

Published Date: March 31, 2023 10:02 AM IST

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