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Marathi Lavani Dancer Gautami Patil Files Police Complaint After Her Video Gets Leaked



Lavani dancer Gautami Patil lodged a police complaint after her private video leaked

Marathi Lavani Dancer Gautami Patil Files Police Complaint After Her Video Gets Leaked
Marathi Lavani Dancer Gautami Patil’s Private Video Gets Leaked While Changing Clothes, Police Complaint Filed

A video of popular Lavani dancer Gautami Patil has gone viral on social media. She was changing clothes at an event when someone secretly recorded and leaked it on the internet. Gautami lodged a police complaint. State Women’s Commission Chairperson Rupali Chakankar tweeted after a case was registered in this matter. Rupali wrote, “It has come to light that a private video of Lavani artist Gautami Patil’s changing room was secretly filmed and circulated on social media. It is reported that a complaint has been registered in this regard at Bharti Vidyapeeth Police Station, Pune. Overall, the rate of cyber crimes against women is increasing day by day.”

Rupali Chakankar said in a tweet that if a special task force is formed and a strict action campaign is carried out to prevent this type of crime, the criminals will be deterred. “The Commission for Women has informed the Cyber ​​Department, Inspector General of Police through a letter that they should announce an action program to prevent cybercrimes against women,” she also added.

Last week at Gautami Patil’s show in Mumbai, a huge ruckus happened as soon as the program when the audience started blowing money. Police resorted to lathi-charge to disperse the crowd of people creating a ruckus. She was then taken out amidst tight police security in view of the uproar by the spectators after the police lathi-charged. The dancer had to leave the function in the middle as people started trying to misbehave on the stage.

Published Date: February 27, 2023 5:11 PM IST

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