Pathaan on OTT: Netizens Didnt Like Shah Rukh Khans Deleted Scene


Shah Rukh Khan’s deleted scene from Pathaan is not being liked by his fans as they can’t see him in torture. Here’s how the netizens have reacted to it.

Pathaan on OTT: Netizens Didn’t Like Shah Rukh Khan’s Deleted Scene - Here’s Why
Pathaan on OTT Netizens Didn’t Like Shah Rukh Khan’s Deleted Scene – Here’s Why

Pathaan Deleted Scenes: Shah Rukh Khan’s monster blockbuster Pathaan created a storm at the box office as it has crossed a whopping Rs 540 crore earnings in India and Rs 1046 worldwide box office collection. The film also stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham and has finally released on OTT in March. Pathaan is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. As soon as the film was released on OTT, fans went crazy as they saw three deleted scenes that weren’t shown earlier in the theatres.

Out of three, one of the deleted scenes was entirely on Shah Rukh Khan where he is being cruelly tortured by Russians. Fans weren’t happy with this scene as they expressed disappointment after seeing Shah Rukh Khan being tortured. One of the users wrote, “There was a reason Shah Rukh Khan’s torture scene was deleted so that his fans don’t get emotional in the theatre. Glad it wasn’t shown on big screen.” Another wrote, “Great decision of deleting that Black Prison torture scene. Those who think it should not’ve been deleted deserve to be hung upside down and hit in their genitals repeatedly with a metal spoon. #Pathaan”.

Netizens are not happy with Shah Rukh Khan’s deleted scene in PATHAAN

The other two deleted scenes were when Shah Ruh Khan returned to the RAW office after being rescued by Salman Khan. The third deleted scene has Deepika Padukone’s Rubai being interrogated by the Indian forces about John Abraham’s character Jim.

Pathaan revolves around a RAW agent who attempts to safeguard India from a massive missile attack.

Published Date: March 23, 2023 11:25 AM IST

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