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Pathaan Revives Kashmir Cinema Culture After 32 Years, Fans And Theatre Owners Thank Shah Rukh Khan



After the insurgency, many theatres in the valley were shut down. But, with Pathaan releasing, a new wave of cinema culture is seen in Kashmir where fans and movie-goers are thronging the halls to celebrate Shah Rukh Khan.

Pathaan Revives Kashmir's Cinema Culture After 32 Years, Fans And Theatre Owners Thank Shah Rukh Khan - Read Statements
Pathaan Revives Kashmir’s Cinema Culture After 32 Years, Fans And Theatre Owners Thank Shah Rukh Khan – Read Statements

Pathaan in Kashmir: Cinema is the power that can bring a new movement and at the same time, can unite people with one common love. Pathaan is the latest example of the same. The Shah Rukh Khan starrer is running housefull in many cities even 20 days after its release. And seems like it has made the biggest impact in the lives of the people of Kashmir where it’s the first film to have brought back the ‘housefull’ board to theatres after 32 long years. The YRF actioner has been welcomed and fully embraced by the people of the valley where not many theatres are currently functional. The love for SRK and all that Pathaan offers is such that people from neighbouring areas are also moving to the valley, beating the harsh weather conditions, to enjoy the film.

A report in Wion suggested that The Lone Multiplex in Srinagar has been running housefull shows for days now. The theatre is running six shows of Pathaan in a single day and all of them are showing at full capacity. In a special tweet, INOX theatre earlier thanked Shah Rukh Khan and the makers of Pathaan for doing the unthinkable in the valley. The tweet read, “Kashmir has shown ‘extraordinary love’ to Pathaan and Shah Rukh Khan. Today with Pathaan frenzy gripping the nation, we are grateful to KING KHAN for bringing the treasured HOUSEFULL sign back to the Kashmir Valley after 32 long years. Thank you ShahRukhKhan (sic).”

The report also quoted one of the staff members at INOX explaining the Pathaan frenzy in Kashmir. He said, “The movie released on 25th January, and we had not expected this much rush. It’s after a gap of 32 years that a cinema opened in the Kashmir Valley, and to watch Shah Rukh Khan on the silver screen, we have seen a huge number of people coming to watch the movie, which we had not expected. It’s still running Housefull and more than 11000 people have watched the movie so far. And I am sure it will further grow. It’s not only in Srinagar but from various districts of Kashmir region who are coming from far off areas to watch the movie on the big screen,” said Obaid Ahmad, Staff, Inox Srinagar

It should be noted how most theatres were shut down in Kashmir with the beginning of the insurgency and it was only in the early ’90s that such kind of frenzy was ever witnessed by anyone there. ”I cannot explain it in words, It’s such a feeling. The last time I went to Jammu to see Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo in the Brahmastra movie. As there was no theatre in the valley. But now we have a theatre here and it’s great. We do deserve to have means of entertainment. I wish we have theatres in every district of the Valley. Everyone should have access to movies and entertainment,” said Adnan Ahmad, a local youngster as quoted by the publication.

Shah Rukh’s win as the superstar of the generation seems special now. Pathaan has not emerged just as a movie but as a love letter from fans to him. The film’s Box Office business is humongous but it has definitely gone beyond numbers and that deserves a never-ending celebration!

Published Date: February 13, 2023 8:27 AM IST

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