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Raat Ko Heroes Ke Kamron Mein… Kangana Ranaut Blasts



Kangana Ranaut launches attack on Bollywood once again. She claims that people wanted her to say yes to dance numbers and pay visit to the hero’s room at night but she always knew better. Read on.

Raat Ko Heroes Ke Kamron Mein...! Kangana Ranaut Blasts 'Bhikhari Film Mafia' in Viral Post About Bollywood
Raat Ko Heroes Ke Kamron Mein…! Kangana Ranaut Blasts ‘Bhikhari Film Mafia’ in Viral Post About Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut viral tweets: Kangana Ranaut has been in the industry for around 17 years but she never declared herself a part of any group or camp. The actor has been working on many interesting projects and most of them are either directed or produced by herself. Kangana has been vocal about her fight against what she calls the ‘Bollywood mafia’. She has claimed in the past that the film industry is largely operated by people who have central control over who should star in which film and most of these projects go to the star-kids, popularly known as the ‘nepo-kids’.

In her new tweets again, the actor launched an attack on this ‘Bollywood mafia’ and recalled the time when she fought against them all and broke many stereotypes set for a quintessential Bollywood heroine. Kangana, who has launched her own production house named Manikarnika Films, said she was asked to dance at weddings and be giggly with others like most other women but she never complied with all of that.


Highlighting how she created her own path in the industry, the actor said she refused to go to ‘hero’s rooms at night’, hinting at the casting couch which is believed to be prevalent in the film industry. Kangana’s tweet in Hindi read, “Bhikhari film mafia ne mere attitude to mera arrogance kaha, kyunki main dusari ladkiyon ki tarah giggle karna, item number karna, shaadiyon pe nachna, raat ko bulaaye jaane pe heros ke kamron mein jana yeh sab keliye saaf mana kiya, they declared me mad and tried to jail me1/2 (sic).”

In continuation of the tweet, she added that she was declared ‘arrogance’ for making her own decisions and protecting her integrity. Kangana said instead of trying to correct themselves and working on removing those stereotypes, the industry blamed her for being different. She wrote, “Is this attitude or integrity? Khud ko sudharne ki jageh woh mujhe sudharna chale hain, lekin chakkar yeh hai ki mujhe apne liye kuch bhi nahi chahiye, maine abhi apna sab girvi rakh ke ek film banayi hai, rakshashon ka safaya hoga heads will roll, no one should blame me 🙏(sic)”


Kangana’s fight against whom she calls ‘Bollywood’s elites’ is loud and visible for a long time. The actor refuses to attend award shows which she believes are all bought and no less than a circus. She says she doesn’t work in movies driven by men where all she has to do is play his love interest. She says she doesn’t want to contribute to the movies encouraging the legacies set by Bollywood’s toxic heroes which are thoroughly celebrated across the country. And she never shies away from going all big with her allegations on the industry in her tweets and Instagram posts.

On the work front, Kangana has got many projects in her pipeline. She is gearing up for the release of Emergency in which she plays the role of former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. The actor has got Tejas, Manikarnika Returns: The Legenga of Didda, Chandramukhi 2, Sita – The Incarnation, and the Nati Binodini biopic.

Watch this space for all the latest updates on Kangana Ranaut’s movies!

Published Date: February 27, 2023 8:29 PM IST

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