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Urfi Javed Lashes Out at Sonali Kulkarni on Her Indian Women Are Lazy Remark How Insensitive



Urfi Javed recently lashed out at Sonali Kulkarni on her ‘Indian women are lazy’ remark and called it ‘insensitive’.

Urfi Javed Lashes Out at Sonali Kulkarni on Her 'Indian Women Are Lazy' Remark: 'How Insensitive...'
Urfi Javed Lashes Out at Sonali Kulkarni on Her ‘Indian Women Are Lazy’ Remark: ‘How Insensitive…’

Urfi Javed Lashes Out at Sonali Kulkarni: Urfi Javed is known for speaking her mind and calling a spade a spade. The actor is known for being straightforward and outspoken apart from her bold style statements. Urfi has never shied away from expressing her views on society and women issues on social media. She had a cordial banter with Kangana Ranaut on ‘uniform civil code’ as well after which both heaped praise on each other. While Kangana called her divine, Urfi said she has ‘mad respect’ for the Emergency actor. Now, she took to her Twitter handle and slammed Sonali Kulkarni on her statement about marriage and women.



Sonali, in one of her recent interactions with the media had said that “In India, we, at times, forget that a lot of women are just lazy. They want a boyfriend/husband, who earns well, owns a house, and his performance at work guarantees regular increments. But, in the middle of this, women forget to make a stand for themselves. Women don’t know what will they do. I urge everyone to encourage women and make them self-dependent. So that they are capable enough to share the household expenses with their partners.” Urfi quote tweeted her video shared from another person’s handle and wrote “How insensitive, whatever you said ! You’re calling modern day women lazy when they are handling their work as well as household chores together ? What’s wrong in wanting a husband whose earning good ? Men for centuries only saw women as child vending machine and yes the main reason for marriage – dowry. Ladies don’t be afraid to ask or demand . Yes you’re right women should work but that’s a privilege that not everyone gets. You’re too entitled to see that may be.”

Urfi has acted in Indian television series like Meri Durga and Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya. She was also a contestant in Bigg Boss OTT Season 1.

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Published Date: March 18, 2023 8:20 PM IST

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